Perceptive Consulting LLC


Strategy and Delivery Road-map Development

  • Strategy Clarification: Business goals and objectives.
  • Current-State Assessment: Client satisfaction, vendor and contract management, business operations, technology stack, and financials.
  • Analysis: People,  process, and technology.
  • Future-State Road-map: Business plans, financial plans, implementation plans.
  • Control: Metrics, scorecards, and continuous improvement.


Technology Assessement

  • Ensure technology is current.
  • Ensure technology is secure.
  • Ensure system and data compliance.
  • Ensure technology is facilitating business and client success and not restricting it.
  • Mapping business needs to systems usage-- i.e., use case development, training guides, etc..
  • Ensure technology change is managed effectively and results in highest quality.
  • CMMI and ITIL assessments.


Governance, Quality, and Implementation

  • Risk Assessment of current Strategic Programs.
  • Strategic Road-map Governance.
  • New PMO implementation.
  • Improve upon existing PMO.
  • Portfolio Management.
  • Program Management.
  • Project Management.
  • Development of policies, procedures, templates: PMBOK, Prince II, Agile, or Hybrid.